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Monday, May 08, 2006

Celebrity sighting of the day?

I'm pretty sure the guy I saw pulling out of the strip mall on the northeast corner of La Brea in a charcoalish colored Altima today was Jonathan Frakes. Why is it whenever I spot someone recognizable I always feel like I have to qualify it with I'm pretty sure it was...whoever. Liz once told me that if I wasn't positive then it wasn't really the person I thought I saw, but I can't completely agree with that. Especially not in this town. I think it's more because I don't go looking for it. And also maybe it's because I want to approach these people as an equal and not as a gawking, starstruck fan. Since I had my shades on I was able to take a seriously good look at him without gawking like a gawking, starstruck fan, and let's just say if it wasn't Frakes then he has an identical twin and since there's nothing to that effect in his imdb bio, I'm gonna go with it was him. I got a good look at him. Yeah, it was definitely him. Commander Riker, make it so.


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