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Friday, May 12, 2006

Family Follies of May 2006

Her Bitchiness checks in: The good: the Mother's Day gifts I mailed Monday got there Wednesday. Apparently the curse of mailing packages to Hawaii has been lifted. No more gift certificates, I have to actually shop for these people! See, post-9/11 flat mail got right through while packages were held up for however long. No more excuses apparently. The bad: today my sister had a biopsy of the uterine variety. Results pending. Oh, and they told her to scarf down some Advil before she came in (as she pointed out: two? four? six? half a bottle? coupla handfulls? thanks Hawaii medical peeps!) because apparently painkillers are no longer included in the service. She's been sick on and off for about a year and they keep telling her there's nothing wrong with her. Which is why she's been sick on and off for a year, yo. Cuz there's nothing wrong with her. Except for the whole uterine biopsy thing, which is freaking her out. The weird: aforementioned sister advising me on the one thing I unfortunately know better than anything: job-hunting and interviewing and God-help me accepting yet another soul-sucking, spirit-destroying office job instead of something related to writing or riding that would actually make me happy to wake up every morning. Thanks all around. Yep, it's the Friday night edition of my now defunct "vacation". FUCK. I just feel like such a bitch about it. And I really need to talk to my brother.


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