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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I was wrong, the music is right..."Mission: Impossible" rocks this old house

Traffic was jammed on (the sidewalks of) Hollywood Boulevard this evening. I actually managed to be immune to the festivities that had been set up for the Los Angeles premiere of Mission: Impossible 3. I declined the free MI3 t-shirt brought to you by local FM station Power 106 (how they tied into this pic, I have no idea). I declined the free canned drinks of I don't know what that were somehow related to this flick as they were being distributed by people clad in the aforementioned tees. But most importantly of all, I fought not only the "OMG, Tom Cruise or some other celebrity type person is coming" crowd but also the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience lined up on the sidewalk of that particular stretch of the shiny boulevard so I could just get the hell home after a long day at the office. I just hope the tourists had a good time. And so there I was, doing so well when right in the thick of it the mega-speakers began blasting out not some random dance-type number probably performed by someone incredibly famous that I not only don't recognize but don't give a rat's ass about and don't feel like I'm missing anything in the process, but the full-on, sting-and-hook-filled orchestra version of the hopelessly addictive Mission: Impossible theme music. Damn you, Lalo Schifrin, you glorious, genius you. Because at that moment, there wasn't a mysterious, historic building in L.A. I couldn't rappel (or whatever it's called/spelled) into. There wasn't a glorified movie star/hero I couldn't or wouldn't take on, there wasn't a bad guy (especially when played by the magnificent Philip Seymour Hoffman that I wouldn't conspire with. Such is the power of music. Music which, in this case, dates back to 1966. Forty years ago. Almost as old as my own sorry self. But with age comes wisdom, however aged and/or embarrassing and unrespected as it may be. I've been convinced of that for a while now. Maybe, somehow, someday and someway, music will bridge generations instead of defining them. But now for some reason - probably musical - I have no problem admitting that I was probably wrong about this flick, that despite my musings to the contrary, MI:3 is going to be huge and do major bank this weekend. Ka-ching Tom Cruise! And you know what? I don't have a problem with it. Go forth and prosper, MI:3. Do it. There's enough to go around. You've got the music in you.


  • At 5/05/2006 09:46:00 AM, Anonymous lizriz said…

    I was *just thinking* about this very topic yesterday, that no matter how little interest I have in "Mission: Impossible 3," or how unappealing the trailers, that damn music still gets me!


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