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Monday, May 22, 2006

Still horse crazy, after all these years

God bless him, Barbaro continues to hang in there. One of the things I noticed watching the footage of him breaking down and immediately afterwards, is that in spite of his natural competitive instincts, he stopped and stood still and really behaved himself. Despite what had to be overwhelming pain and fright (and God knows both were visible enough), he pulled up and stood, keeping his weight off his injured foot and out of further harm's way, holding his leg up in an unnaturally high position for a horse. But he did it. He could have just gone crazy and after it killed him it would have been credited to his fighting spirit. But there are fighters and then there are smart fighters, who know that he who fights and runs away (or just stands the hell still) lives to fight another day. Barbaro backed off and now, unlike the unstoppable Ruffian before him is living to fight another day. That's our smart boy. But that leg...sweet Jesus: Dear God, the poor thing has enough hardware in him to open his own store. I don't care if he sets off alarms in every airport in the country for the rest of his life. All I care is that this works. I want to give heartfelt props to everyone at the George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center. You have done fine work and will continue to do so and it is greatly appreciated by a whole lot of people you will never know. Even if it ultimately doesn't work, you gave him more of a chance than I would have ever imagined possible with an injury this severe. I would have put him down on the spot. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to raise and train horses. Didn't happen, not even close, and now I'm a dissatisfied office drone slash wanna-be creative type. SUCKS. So props to those of you who actually did it and are caring for this horse and others like him. And everything else to do with horses. You are so fortunate. Not two days ago I was very sure Barbaro wasn't going to make it, but now I think he may actually have a chance. God knows he's in good hands, the best possible. Hang in there Barbaro. And hang in there Team Barbaro, and continue your good work. Hardware-laden x-ray photo Reuters via Yahoo Sports.


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