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Monday, May 15, 2006

Television so good it ought to be criminal: trying to liveblog the "Prison Break" season finale

Okay, first off, holy crap they're out! The celebration inside the jail after the breakout was so cool. This coming from someone who has no sympathy whatsoever for criminals. Bring on the death penalty. Did I miss it or did fatboy not mention Linc as one of the escapees? Oh this is not gonna work. I'm not that good. Run boys, run! Anyhoo, eeeek on the poison. Kiss it goodbye evil bitch VP! Having said that I want to know what that stuff was. For writing purposes only, of course. De plane! Dr. Tancredi busted! Holy crap a road block! Stuck in mud? You've gotta be kidding me! "We're not bros. And I don't think you want me telling the guys what I know." Eep! So long pretty boy snitch! Crap, could Veronica be anymore of a target? Just paint a bullseye on the poor girl. Methinks the supposedly poisoned water bottle just became a mcguffin. OH SHIT!!! THAT WAS AN AX!!! WIELDED BY CERTIFIED MANIAC PETER STORMARE!!! CHOPPING A GUY'S HAND OFF!! Remind me not to fuck with this guy, okay? More holy shit - they offed the freaking President of the United States and now evil bitch Steadman is in charge. As in she just got promoted to Pres. "And you said I couldn't get things done". Oh sweet Jesus. Take that Michelle Forbes! Welcome to the grownup evil table. I don't care how bad Sara's makeup looked like. They won't kill her off now. Not yet, anyway. Terence Steadman lives!!! Go Veronica! Come on guys, the plane. GO!!! Christ! It took off without them! "What do we do?" "RUN." And then there were five. Damn. I guess I did liveblog it, in my own lame, frantic way. This show just leaves me in a sweat. It ought to count as a workout. For a much more eloquent take on this episode, check out the episode thread on Television Without Pity. I'm too much of a wreck at this point to be useful. Word is that next season will be shot in Dallas. This season was shot in an actual (no longer in use) prison in Illinois (Joliet?). It was the place where John Wayne Gacy was housed until his death. Fuuurrreaky. Seriously looking forward to Season 2 of this baby. Especially with "CSI" threatening to commit a flagrant shark jump ("they did it"). And especially, especially with "Scrubs" not coming back until midseason (but coming back it is! Dance for the puppet master!) Probably not coincidentally, the last time I was this excited about a show was the pre-Jaws "Grave Danger" season finale of "CSI" this time last year. Well there you go. What a difference a year makes. This week is the network upfronts, professionally pretty much my favorite time of the year, where the major broadcast nets announce the pilots they've picked up. This time last year "Prison Break" was just another of the bouncing baby pilots ordered to series. Oh yes, what a difference a year makes indeed. Seriously, if you're not watching this show you need to be. You're missing out.


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