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Monday, May 29, 2006

Thanks of an ungrateful nation

It's Memorial Day and I'd like to take a moment in my little, lightly-trafficked corner of the net to express my thanks to those who have paid the ultimate price to keep our great country free over the years, decades and centuries. Yes, I really enjoy the long weekend, even one day off helps keep me sane...but that isn't what this day is about. It's about what I do have and how I'm able to live thanks to people who have given all, without whose sacrifices our American lives might by very different, and not in a good way. Thanks to these unselfish individuals - whose jobs I could never do - here are just a few of the things that make me happy that I'm free to do today:
  • Escape the boring office job for a day and actually enjoy waking up on a Monday.
  • Hole up in my little apartment, with my TV turned to Adelphia Cable Channel 426 (Singers and Standards music channel) and peck away at my laptop with a cup of tea or five.
  • Surf the net to find out how rigor mortis really works and pound out a staggering (for me) 20 pages of a one-hour drama spec that's been in the planning stages like forever thanks to a long weekend that gave me extra me-time I usually have a hard time finding and that I'm always desperate for.
  • Hang out at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Saturday night for a screening of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (brought to you by Cinespia) along with Liz and several hundred other very cool people (and very well-fed and drunk people - I swear they let you bring anything in there. Next time: more wine! And maybe a pizza!). Free to enjoy a scary movie on a cool, windy night with impossibly tall palm trees swaying all around us. Free to declare, on the way home, that when we're dead we think it would be fantastic if people came and crashed on our graves while enjoying a flick.
  • Update my iTunes library and my ipod and make tiny root beer floats without a care in the world (for the record, I wound up with juice glasses instead of shot glasses).
  • I'm free to do...well, pretty much anything as long as I don't break any rules or hurt anyone, which as far as I'm concerned should go without saying anyway.
So if anyone who is military, or has family or friends who are stumbles across this post, accept my humble but sincere little thanks. Some really good blogs about the holiday, by people much more eloquent on the subject than I can be found here. Have a happy Monday (?!) everyone, and have one on me:


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