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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Truthiness in advertising

OK, when I bought the chips (Sour cream and onion, yum) I bought them as a treat, not for their dietetic value. So I couldn't help rolling my eyes at this part of the packaging: I'm not saying they're lying about the amount of "Trans Fat" in the chips, it's just that I have this peeve about attempts to package fattening crap as healthy. They're potato chips. Not even the supposedly healthier baked ones, which I've had and which taste like crap. Regular potato chips. I know they're gonna make me fat(ter). Playing up the absence of a specific type of fat on the packaging isn't going to persuade me to replace my Weight Watchers frozen meals with bags of their chips. It's like McDonald's and their salads - if I want a nice fresh healthy salad I'm not going to a fast food place. I'm going to go to a salad bar or to CPK or some other nice, sit-down place or go home and make one myself. If I'm in the mood for a nice greasy burger and fries, Mickey D's here I come. My opinion on the subject is that McDonald's (and other fast food places) need to stop trying to be all things to all people. You're a burger joint. You're this. So are you, Lay's potato chips.


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