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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Like feet-binding, only higher up

I cannot sleep, therefore I surf. And I find stuff like this, and I marvel, that even in this day and age...oh, who am I kidding. This didn't really surprise me at all. But being - for lack of a better word - "busty" myself, all I can think of is how that's gotta hurt. And possibly leave a bruise. Crazy world. And yet still I stay. Go figure

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hunger strikes are the new black

Saddam Hussein. Cindy Sheehan. May the best, uh, hunger striker win! More importantly, there's this. Props to the FBI and law enforcement authorities involved. Now treat yourself to nice big dinners! I'd pick up the tab for you if I could.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rock and roll

Massive Southern California Quake Could Come Any Moment. Oh yippee. During one of my attempts to do the college thing I took a class on California Geology. Not because I was interested in it, but because it counted towards general ed. It was a boring class led by a boring instructor, although in all fairness making rocks and soil interesting is a tough gig. However, there was one part of the class that had us all spellbound and that was when we covered earthquakes. I've long since forgotten the instructor's name, but one thing he said in that class has always stayed with me: That in order for the San Andreas Fault to relieve built-up pressure, it has to produce a "great quake" every 150 years or so. He classified a great quake as an 8 or higher. The Loma Prieta quake, famous for interrupting the 1989 World Series (between San Francisco and Oakland, ironically) was a 7.1. Each "point" represents a ten-fold increase in severity. According to my instructor, the next great quake in Southern Cal would be centered around San Bernardino and would literally cause the earth to ripple visibly as it moved toward Los Angeles. I took this class in the mid-80's. He said the last great quake ocurred in 1850. At the time, 2000 seemed so far off, so futuristic we couldn't even comprehend worrying about it at the time. So this part was of the article was particularly interesting: But scientists know very little about the 100-mile dormant southern segment, which slices through Southern California from San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles, to near the Mexican border. (Bold mine) Time to update the earthquake kit. It would be interesting to see how the Red Line holds up. Supposedly it was built to be one of the safest places in town to be during a quake, although if we get hit with an 8 I think the only really safe place to be will be anywhere not in Southern California. Image snagged from here.

Monday, June 19, 2006

And it's over

Another season in the books. Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes. The Canes were previously the Hartford Whalers. They were part of a series of team moves in the early-mid 90's that left Hartford, Quebec,Winnipeg and Minnesota hockey fans bereft (Minnesota was eventually brought back into the NHL fold when awarded the Wild expansion franchise). There's a great link in this post from LGK (a thread I apparently killed) that gives Whalers fans their due. They're rabid, I feel bad that they lost their team and hope they get back in the NHL at some point. You cannot have enough diehard hockey fans. Best people in the world. Congratulations to WhalerCanes goalie Cam Ward (all rookie 22-years old of him) on winning the Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP of the Stanley Cup playoffs). Have a great summer, hockey fans. October won't come soon enough!

Somebody's Cup runneth over

The 2005-2006 NHL season comes to a close tonight, one way or another (either with Carolina or Edmonton claiming hockey's top prize). It's been a long time coming, both from the return of the NHL last October and since 2-1/2 months ago, when the Kings hung up their skates in shame after failing to make the playoffs. I'm feeling really positive for next season though, with the new regime in place. It's nice, going from the absolute desolation of the Kings second half collapse to being excited to see what Dean Lombardi and Marc Crawford have up their sleeves. For the final: I'm gonna call Edmonton. Not so much because I think they'll win, but I'd just like to see them get it, especially after coming back from a 3-1 deficit. So drop the puck, hit the ice and get ready for the post-game, Stanley Cup hoisting celebration. Someone's gonna be celebrating big-time tonight. After that, it's gonna be a long summer waiting for the new version of the Kings to take the ice.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Life in the 318 - End of the weekend edition

I slept in both days. It felt good. Hmmm, still tired, go back to sleep. What a concept. Fuck the office life. But damn, this weekend went fast. I mean, they all do, but this one for some reason faster than usual. I think it was the sleeping in thing. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. It's hot so I stayed in. I kept the air conditioner on whenever and however long I felt like and needed it. DWP bill be damned. I downloaded some music then updated my ipod. I cleaned out my walk-in closet so that I can actually walk in it, as opposed to clambering over shit in it. Everything is so cramped here. I did four loads of laundry. Benefits of apartment rental over home ownership? I can do multiple loads at once and that's without leaving the 3rd floor. The parents sent me birthday cards and checks. Some of which is going to this. So long, cheap-ass boombox from Rite Aid! Well, after I finish getting my cds onto the ipod, which will take some time. But I made a dent this weekend, so it's just a matter of time. The rest is going into the little Corolla, which I am now obsessed with fixing up. It's gonna get all sorts of stuff, like new belts and hoses and fluid and various and sundry repairs, because it just needs to run and honestly, I gotta say that when I make the effort, the little cheapie cleans up good. It's really a cute little blue thing when I clean it up, which I have been loathe to do for the past few years. It's easy to blow off the car when you're staying local, even in L.A., and especially in Hollywood (the town, not the industry). Dad also sent pictures. One showed my Mom still smoking. Not good. But the rest showed her happy and (yes, Dad) relaxed. And seeing her blue and white stuff all over the house (front patio, kitchen and God knows where else) lit me up like a Christmas tree. And she's out collecting shells and just generally having a good time. About damn time. I'm glad. Liz hit the inaugural local bloggers performance of Subject Line Here and pronounced it "superfun" and suggested that I not miss it again. Will do. She also mentioned that we're overdue for lunch and attributed it to her having had a brutal pay period. Ah, the life of someone who plunged into debt to get educated. I wish someone had explained to me that even middle class white girls are eligible for financial aid in the form of student loans before I hit my late 30's. Not to discount Liz's financial struggles, which I genuinely sympathize with, but I would have happily racked up that kind of debt earlier in life in return for the experience and education that debt bought. And now I will try not to wonder how much, if any, different things would be now. Because it could very well push me over an edge of some sort. Better not to think about it. Back to my weekend: the frat house in 418 was a bit thumpier than than I would prefer, but nothing like that Sunday night a few months back when they kept me awake with their track running, Animal House, 80's drug imbibing party that had me seriously considering ratting them out to management. Whoever the guy was who was sitting out on the balcony that night, fucked up beyond all shit, seemed to have retired until yesterday. But this is Hollywood - if the neighbors are making a little (non-stop, just enough to be obnoxious but not enough to call the cops) noise, then I guess I should consider myself lucky, at least until I can get the fuck out of this town. I'm convinced that one of the reasons I'm paying below market rate for my apartment is because I don't complain about this kind of stuff. Even though I'd be perfectly entitled to. And yet I don't. Until then, just another way too short weekend in the 318.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The door is open

So sometime in the past year the trades announced that a deal had been struck with the author of this incredibly creative and seriously spooky website: The Dionaea House, to produce a film based on the story told on the site. In addition to loving the hell out of the story and website, I was sickeningly green with envy that I had not thought of it first. My ultimate compliment: "I wish I'd written that." But after a few envious reads I kind of forgot about it. So this week at the mind-numbing/slow period for us office job, I get the email containing Production Weekly, a terrific weekly (duh) listing of projects greenlit and in development. In fact, I'm going to admit to being really pathetic by mentioning that the arrival of Production Weekly in my email is one of the high points of my week. Like when the office supply delivery arrives pathetic high point of my week. Anyhoo, a mention in PW is triggered by a change in a project's status - casting or director announcement, change in start date, new producer on board, and most importantly, a change in status from in development to greenlit. The point is, if your project is mentioned that means there's movement. And that has to be a good thing, because there's nothing worse in this business than being dead in the water. Since I work on the television side of my corporate entity's many subdivisions I scan PW for TV projects, be they pilots, series, MOWs or miniseries. But today, while browsing this week's report I spot a mention of The Dionaea House. I remember it and am happy that it's still in play. It's listed in development with Warner Bros. and Heyday Pictures (aka David Heyman, producer of - among other things - the Harry Potter flicks). It has a director attached. I find the website and relive the mystery and horror of the killer tract house. Don't laugh, it works. Terrifyingly well, in fact. And best of all, it's been updated. Intrigued, I look it up on imdb and discover it's been retitled "Sanctum". I do not consider this to be a good thing. "The Dionaea House" is a much more interesting title IMO. "Sanctum" could be anything. Then I get off my title high horse and check out the message board. Imdb message boards are not generally the place to find brainy artistic discussion, but I quickly find a post that makes me feel momentarily bad about my snobbishness - a post linking to a Yahoo group founded by the film/website's creator, Eric Heisserer. I join on the spot and discover that the inclusion in PW may not be a good thing in this case - according to a recent post from Eric on the Yahoo group MB, it has gone from fully staffed and within days of going before the cameras on location in Canada to having the plug suddenly pulled by WB. In one of his posts Eric makes the mistake of mentioning that all the emails he's received mean a lot to him, so of course I email him with my complements, observations and questions about the current status of the project. And God bless him, he responds with a few hours. Hell, I'm still working on a response to a lone comment to my net neutrality post from Wednesday. I would love to post his response now, but I'm going to check with him first to make sure he doesn't mind my sharing his comments. Long story short, WB is no longer involved, but the project has been picked up elsewhere and is still very much alive, and in Eric's own words these developments may be the proverbial blessing in disguise for Dionaea. And I'm inclined to agree with him. Bigger (as exciting as it may be) isn't always better, especially for a project like this. So if you're reading this, go back to the first paragraph of this post, click on the Dionaea link, and indulge in some serious storytelling. Then go here, join, and jump on the bandwagon.

Such a shitty, boring week

So glad it's over.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Locals only?

Okay, June Gloom yes, but "May Gray"? I'm a native Southern Californian and I have never used nor can I ever remember hearing the expression "May Gray". It reminds me of when Liz said someone told her that locals refer to Hollywood & Highland as "Ho-Hi" and wanted to know if that was true. I told her no. Speaking of Ho-Hi, anyone know when they're going to start the roadwork on Franklin and Highland? Traffic is gonna be effed up.

Net neutrality - we're not free and clear yet

The battle rages on. Craig Newmark explains it in plain English. This is just ridiculous. Can I just take a moment to say William L. Smith, chief technology officer for Atlanta-based BellSouth - you are an idiot. It occurs to me - as it does often - that I'm not really up to speed on things like who my House and Senate representatives are and how they vote, and what my options are if I don't agree with what they do. But now, I've decided I need to stop wondering about it and educate myself about it. Does anyone know if there is a website with all this information, kind of a one-stop wrapup? If not, I'm going to start looking when I get home tonight.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To protect and to serve

And sadly, to make horrific sacrifices. As you've probably heard, on June 3 LAPD Officer Kristina Ripatti was shot in the line of duty by some worthless piece of shit lowlife scum career asshole. The good news is she survived. The bad news is that the shooting left her paralyzed from the chest down. Forever. Officer Ripatti's husband, Tim Pearce, is also a member of LAPD. They have a 15 month old daughter. Kristina is 33 years old. I have to say this: First, you could not pay me enough to be a cop and put up with the shit they have to endure, day in and day out. And even if you could, I couldn't hack it. Being a badge-carrying member of LAPD has to be one of the most thankless jobs imaginable. I'm not sure how they find enough people to do it. Second, I'm glad that Officer Ripatti's partner, Officer Joel Meyer, killed her assailant on the scene. Hey man, nice shot. Third, God bless the medical personnel who saved her life. In her own words: ā€œIā€™d like to thank the first responders who saved my life to give me more time with my beautiful baby daughter and husband.ā€ But this is just beginning. There are many things that can be done for Officer Ripatti and her family. Medical treatment, rehabilitation, therapy, wheelchairs, modifications to home and car that will enable her to carry on some sort of normal lifestyle. And all of it frightenly expensive. You can help. Especially you, my fellow Angelenos. This woman took a bullet for us, and as a result, she's going to be paralyzed from the chest down for the rest of her freaking life. She's never going to completely have her life back. She's never going to be able to accomplish the seemingly mindless task of simply standing up and walking across a room again, ever. So cough up some bucks and send them to: Police Officer Kristina Ripatti Trustee Donation Account c/o L.A. Police Federal Credit Union 16150 Sherman Way Van Nuys, CA 91410 It's our turn to protect and to serve. LAPD Blog LAPD online Support for Kristina goes national via the blogosphere. Thanks, Patterico!

AOL - the Wal-Mart of internet providers

I've heard horror stories about how it's nearly impossible to ever completely get rid of AOL (as in, even after their software is uninstalled, periodic reminders pop up beseeching you to come back), but this really takes the cake: worst customer service EVER! Link via Boing Boing Update: Customer service rep from hell gets the ax. Call me cynical, I just can't help thinking that this is just posturing on AOL's part. I can totally see them training their reps like that, or at least fostering an environment that encourages it.

Daryl Hannah to be plucked from tree

People of Los Angeles, your tax dollars at work. I feel for the police and firefighters who drew this gig. As sad as it is to lose the farm, the owner does have the right to use his property as he sees fit. I'm actually surprised it lasted this long. I lived in Playa del Rey prior to the building of the monstrous Playa Vista (which I will not dignify with a link) and even back then I was amazed that such a big chunk of greenery still existed in L.A. County. It didn't last, of course. Back to the farm - if these celebrities are so concerned, why didn't they put their money where their mouths are and donate or raise some funds to purchase the land? The owner did offer to sell. They'll be carrying on with their priviledged lives long after the farm is a distant memory.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Celebrity non-sighting of the day - Christopher Guest and his band of merry collaborators

Apparently For Your Consideration - aka Christopher Guest's next work of rabid genius - is doing some shooting in the area. Saw a "Notice of Filming" posted just a few blocks from the office, Ivar x Selma area. And just around the corner, trailers lined up practically down an entire block. I also saw the costumes tent - for some reason, even though it was really overcast this morning, the costumes aren't stored safely away from the elements. Go figure. One of the trailers had three doors, which were marked "Producer", "Director" and for some reason, "Hope". But I didn't actually see anyone except for a few of the crew hanging around, so no awesome sightings to report. But they were definitely setting up for business. Judging from the imdb listing, the film will star the usual Guest suspects, which would have made for any number of jaw-dropping sightings that would have sorely tested my non-freakout skills.

Motorcycle-riding peeps, wear your damn helmets! Please!!!

So, this morning while checking out the news, saw the story about the star quarterback who got into a motorcycle accident and wasn't wearing a freaking helmet. Now I don't have the faintest idea who this guy is, but apparently he's young, just won a Super Bowl and has the world at his feet in a way few of us will ever know. In fact, possibly the only negative thing you can say about him is that he refuses to wear a helmet while riding his motorcycle despite being repeatedly lectured about it. I mean, Terry Freaking Bradshaw (now him, I know) told him to wear one and he still didn't listen. Way to enforce the dumb jock stereotype, dude. But still, hope he makes a full recovery. A short while later I learned that a former co-worker - a really great, fun guy, about my age, with a family - was killed over the weekend in a motorcycle accident. And from what I've been able to find out, he wasn't wearing a helmet either, at least not one that was up to state-approved standards. He should be at work today and his family should be going about their normal routine, not planning his memorial service. It just made me really sad, especially if we eventually find out that a helmet could have made a difference. Such a waste. On update: I've learned that he was wearing a helmet, but it wasn't up to the state-approved standards. Not sure if it would have made a difference. You're so vulnerable on a bike anyway - I would think you'd want all the protection you can get. So wear your damn helmets. It's for your own good.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Cybersquatting the City of Angels

Check out Franklin Avenue on what Mike refers to as L.A. Blog Road Kill. Check out the comments for my two cents, including why my URL is so obnoxiously long. Some good points made, especially about the cybersquatting and questioning why Blogger and other hosts don't act on inactive blogs and journals. I know that if I go too long without checking my hotmail account (which, at this point is pretty much only used for Netflix) it will deactive until I go in there and login. In fact, I usually find out I need to do this when I'm checking my queue at Netflix.

Lunch special

Once again, from the L.A. County Department of Health Services: BAJA SHARKEEZ 3801 HIGHLAND AVE, MANHATTAN BEACH Date Closed: April 12, 2006 Date Reopened: April 14, 2006 Reason for Closure: Prevention of entrance and harborage of vermin. Vermin infestation. Aw, Sharkeez. Takes me back to my PDR days. I wonder if the closure has hurt them at all. Given their location, they can't afford to lose business and keep their lease. Drove by there a million times, ate there once or twice when I lived in the area. Cute place but I really got the impression their preferred clientele was the young, beautiful MB beach crowd. And guess who's not a beach bunny. Funny, just this morning I was thinking about how much I'd love to move back to Playa del Rey. The Manhattan Beach Bristol Farms was one of my all-time favorite places for food shopping. The one in Hollywood was crammed into the old Gourmet Chalet, way too small to hold everything Bristol Farms has to offer, not to mention tiny narrow aisles that make you feel like you're playing bumper cars with the other shoppers. Hate the place, hardly ever go there. They also don't carry the BBQ chicken foccacia bread pizza I used to get in MB. Good stuff. I miss it. BRENTWOOD REST. & LOUNGE 148 S BARRINGTON AVE, LOS ANGELES Date Closed: April 07, 2006 Date Reopened: April 09, 2006 Reason for Closure: Prevention of entrance and harborage of vermin. Vermin infestation Brentwood? That can't have gone over well. DIEDRICH COFFEE 23755 W MALIBU RD A 9, MALIBU Date Closed: April 05, 2006 Date Reopened: April 05, 2006 Reason for Closure: No potable water supply or no hot water Malibu? And how do you make coffee without hot water? JACK'S CAFE 6655 HOLLYWOOD BLVD, LOS ANGELES Date Closed: May 30, 2006 Reason for Closure: No employee food safety certification This is very close to where I live, although I don't actually remember ever seeing the place. And now I know not to go looking for it. MC DONALD'S #1922 1417 GLENDALE BLVD, LOS ANGELES Date Closed: May 23, 2006 Date Reopened: May 25, 2006 Reason for Closure: Prevention of entrance and harborage of vermin. Vermin infestation.

I'm guessing you don't see McDonald's on this list very often. My first job at age sixteen was at a McDonald's and they are neat freaks. They also wanted us to always look busy. I can still remember being told that even if that means I'm wiping down an already cleaned counter, then so be it.

SAM'S CLUB #6611 (BAKERY) 17835 E GALE AVE, CITY OF INDUSTRY Date Closed: May 17, 2006 Date Reopened: May 19, 2006 Reason for Closure: Prevention of entrance and harborage of vermin. Vermin infestation Hee! My mom used to shop there. I'm more of a Costco girl, myself. STARBUCKS COFFEE 745 W NAOMI AVE, ARCADIA Date Closed: April 26, 2006 Date Reopened: April 26, 2006 Reason for Closure: No potable water supply or no hot water I'm guessing you don't see Starbucks on this list very often. And again, what's with the coffee places not having hot water? THE BOAT 1390 S FULLERTON RD 105, CITY OF INDUSTRY Date Closed: May 11, 2006 Date Reopened: May 15, 2006 Reason for Closure: Serious/Repeat Violations or Interfering with Inspector. Unsafe food temperature.

Interfering with the inspector is genius! Way to score points with the health department. I don't think I want these morons preparing my food. Not that I ever plan on going back to City of Industry ever again.

Enjoy your lunch!

Celebrity sighting of the day - Automotive edition

Lightning McQueen, Mater the towtruck and Sally the Porsche, hanging out in front of the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. They look good in real life. Just like in their pictures. The moment was quickly tarnished when some black-suited Mouse House thug harshed on a little kid who had the nerve to touch Lightning McQueen. There had to have been a more tactful way to handle that situation without ruining the poor kid's "Cars" experience before it really got started. Walt would not have approved at all. In other movie news, the camptastic Mommie Dearest turns 25 years young and a new DVD will be released to celebrate the occasion. For some strange reason, The Hollywood Reporter has this to say about it: This week marks the 25th anniversary of "Mommie Dearest," and it may finally be time to start to take the film seriously. Uh, no, not really. Which isn't to say it isn't worth seeing, it really is a good time. Joan was a monster, a true product of celebrity.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Girls will be girls will be writers, directors, producers, horsewomen...

In all my days, I've considered myself deficient and disadvantaged in any number of ways. I'm too shy, I'm anti-social, I procrastinate endlessly, I'm not educated enough, I didn't have a college fund and being a disgustingly normal middle-class white girl, I had no options, no assistance, no financial aid (until one day in my 38th year I discovered I could actually get student loans...and also realized that at this point in life I didn't want to find myself 20-odd thousand dollars in debt. But 10-15 years ago...HELL YEAH!!!) One thing that I have never considered a handicap, drawback or whatever you want to call it is my gender. But that doesn't mean that at some point I don't have to address the situation. Something which came up when Liz posted about her annual jaunt to the Women in Film Awards thingy. Besides the fact that what we really want to know is what was in those shamelessly materialistic goodie bags, is what her post on the subject of girls and boys and the difference in their toys said and triggered. Especially loved the bit about Chris Carter and Nancy Drew. And the whole thing about how equal opportunity in my childhood horse crazy girl life might have influenced me in my adult years (I honestly have never thought of or considered this until today) is absolutely fascinating to me. I thing I may have to research this further. And not just as an excuse to revisit the Marguerite Henry horse books of my childhood. I want to go trail riding now.

What a difference thirty years makes

I'm going to thoroughly date myself here and I don't care. 2006 was the 30th anniversary (in April, how the hell did I miss that?) of when Chicago Cubs centerfielder Rick Monday saved an American flag from being set afire by a couple of assholes at our own beautiful Dodger Stadium. Monday remembers that fateful day on Monday with the immortal shot:

Thanks of a grateful stadium: Top 11 thoughts that went through those dumbasses minds when Monday took their toy away.

Wonder whatever happened to those guys. Aw, who am I kidding, no I don't. I couldn't care less, actually. Monday, on the other hand, is currently gainfully employed as a broadcaster for the Dodgers. Images respectfully borrowed from here, because where else are you gonna find this stuff?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On a lighter note: do it yourself Bellagio Fountain!

All you need is a whole lot of Diet Coke and Mentos. I'm developing a serious soft spot for geeks.

Dark Rose Parade of the Soul

Apocalypse? What apocalypse? Well, the weather certainly cooperated even if the forces of evil didn't. Ominous gray all around here in the Southland and just enough heat to remind one of the smoking pits of hell. Coming to work today I could at least pretend I was heading to my doom. Which isn't to say there weren't signs of the Beast all around:

And now on to the serious stuff: in genuinely frightening news, there's this and this. You're not even safe in freaking Torrance. If that isn't some serious infiltration, I don't know what is. I hate to say it, but I think it's going to take getting hit again for people to stop worrying about offending a particular group, get off the PC bandwagon and admit that there are particular groups of people who are just savages with no humanity of their own and no regard for the sanctity of human life and need to be dealt with accordingly. Ever hear the expression that stereotypes exist for a reason? It may not be polite, but there is a certain amount of truth in it. And don't even get me started about how the government by but apparently not for the people doesn't seem the least bit concerned about who can move freely across our borders. I'm pretty sure that while hating our guts because we're not like them, they're also laughing their asses off at us too.

And just when I think I've become numb to the whole "man's inhumanity to man" thing, the news manages to surprise me. Because when these people say "behead" they aren't talking about a quickie with Madame Guillotine, they mean "saw your head off while you're still alive". Sick stuff.

You know, I really meant to keep this post lighthearted, seeing as how we've apparently managed to dodge armageddon, but the news of the day dragged me down. It may not have been the end day, but that doesn't mean it was a cheery one.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Life imitating art

An actual snake on an actual plane! For real! What are the odds? Defamer has a great take on it. New Line has got to be wetting themselves with glee! I have a feeling Monty Coles will be in attendance when they finally premiere this sucker.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Consider the source

Brian Lowry is a columnist for Daily Variety. I am a former news junkie who now bitches about the sorry state of local "news" every chance I get and yet this one clothes-lined me. In his column in the Wednesday Variety, Mr. Lowry made this incredibly astute observation of the state of local "news" (bold is mine): Scanning the 11 p.m slot in Los Angeles, the three network-owned late newscast averaged a 1 rating within that younger groug (the 18-34 segment)...By contrast, reruns of "South Park" posted a 1.5 withing the 18-34 segment) in the timeslot...Based on this logic, young adults learn more about current events from Cartman than L.A.'s anchors, which considering the content of local news, isn't all that disturbing. Awesome observation, not to mention how well Lowry bitchslapped the local supposed newsjournalists on so many wrong levels. Especially the "isn't all that disturbing" part. Cuz, yeah. Also, note that it was a rerun of "South Park". Reruns alway chart way lower than first runs, which means that a first run of the sloppily animated hijinks of a quiet, redneck, whitebread little mountain town would really blow the local "journalists" off the ratings chart. That column just made my day.

It's a bouncing baby sea lion!

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach got an unexpected bundle of joy on Memorial Day. That's his picture there. Is that not the cutest damn thing in the world? I mean, my GAWD. From the Aquarium's email (yep, I'm a member, thank you very much): It's a boy! The Aquarium of the Pacific is proud to announce the arrival of a new baby sea lion weighing in at 17 pounds. Born on Memorial Day, May 29, our new bouncing baby sea lion is doing well and is on public view next to the Seal and Sea Lion exhibit until June 11. After this date, the new baby and mom Kona will go behind the scenes in a special nursery area until next year. We expect the pup will be old enough to go back on exhibit with the other animals in early spring of 2007. Don't miss this rare chance to see face-to-face one of the ocean's cutest babies-on display now until June 11! The arrival of the pup was a pleasant surprise to staff. Kona, who is still 3 years away from average breeding age, did a wonderful job in hiding her pregnancy from staff. In nature, this is a normal instinct to protect the mom and baby during this vulnerable time. Despite being a very young first-time mother at age four, Kona is doing a great job nursing and caring for her new baby. We do not know who the father is, but it is either Miller, our large adult male, or Parker, our younger male who is the same age as Kona. For updates and new photos, please visit the News Section of our website. I love the part where they don't know who the father is. Kona, you little hussy. If you check out the full story you'll see that they are also going to have a contest to name the little guy. I haven't been to the Aquarium in a while. May have to go soon. Hmmm. I am so sending this to Cute Overload.