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Monday, June 19, 2006

And it's over

Another season in the books. Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes. The Canes were previously the Hartford Whalers. They were part of a series of team moves in the early-mid 90's that left Hartford, Quebec,Winnipeg and Minnesota hockey fans bereft (Minnesota was eventually brought back into the NHL fold when awarded the Wild expansion franchise). There's a great link in this post from LGK (a thread I apparently killed) that gives Whalers fans their due. They're rabid, I feel bad that they lost their team and hope they get back in the NHL at some point. You cannot have enough diehard hockey fans. Best people in the world. Congratulations to WhalerCanes goalie Cam Ward (all rookie 22-years old of him) on winning the Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP of the Stanley Cup playoffs). Have a great summer, hockey fans. October won't come soon enough!


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