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Monday, June 12, 2006

Celebrity non-sighting of the day - Christopher Guest and his band of merry collaborators

Apparently For Your Consideration - aka Christopher Guest's next work of rabid genius - is doing some shooting in the area. Saw a "Notice of Filming" posted just a few blocks from the office, Ivar x Selma area. And just around the corner, trailers lined up practically down an entire block. I also saw the costumes tent - for some reason, even though it was really overcast this morning, the costumes aren't stored safely away from the elements. Go figure. One of the trailers had three doors, which were marked "Producer", "Director" and for some reason, "Hope". But I didn't actually see anyone except for a few of the crew hanging around, so no awesome sightings to report. But they were definitely setting up for business. Judging from the imdb listing, the film will star the usual Guest suspects, which would have made for any number of jaw-dropping sightings that would have sorely tested my non-freakout skills.


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