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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Consider the source

Brian Lowry is a columnist for Daily Variety. I am a former news junkie who now bitches about the sorry state of local "news" every chance I get and yet this one clothes-lined me. In his column in the Wednesday Variety, Mr. Lowry made this incredibly astute observation of the state of local "news" (bold is mine): Scanning the 11 p.m slot in Los Angeles, the three network-owned late newscast averaged a 1 rating within that younger groug (the 18-34 segment)...By contrast, reruns of "South Park" posted a 1.5 withing the 18-34 segment) in the timeslot...Based on this logic, young adults learn more about current events from Cartman than L.A.'s anchors, which considering the content of local news, isn't all that disturbing. Awesome observation, not to mention how well Lowry bitchslapped the local supposed newsjournalists on so many wrong levels. Especially the "isn't all that disturbing" part. Cuz, yeah. Also, note that it was a rerun of "South Park". Reruns alway chart way lower than first runs, which means that a first run of the sloppily animated hijinks of a quiet, redneck, whitebread little mountain town would really blow the local "journalists" off the ratings chart. That column just made my day.


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