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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Girls will be girls will be writers, directors, producers, horsewomen...

In all my days, I've considered myself deficient and disadvantaged in any number of ways. I'm too shy, I'm anti-social, I procrastinate endlessly, I'm not educated enough, I didn't have a college fund and being a disgustingly normal middle-class white girl, I had no options, no assistance, no financial aid (until one day in my 38th year I discovered I could actually get student loans...and also realized that at this point in life I didn't want to find myself 20-odd thousand dollars in debt. But 10-15 years ago...HELL YEAH!!!) One thing that I have never considered a handicap, drawback or whatever you want to call it is my gender. But that doesn't mean that at some point I don't have to address the situation. Something which came up when Liz posted about her annual jaunt to the Women in Film Awards thingy. Besides the fact that what we really want to know is what was in those shamelessly materialistic goodie bags, is what her post on the subject of girls and boys and the difference in their toys said and triggered. Especially loved the bit about Chris Carter and Nancy Drew. And the whole thing about how equal opportunity in my childhood horse crazy girl life might have influenced me in my adult years (I honestly have never thought of or considered this until today) is absolutely fascinating to me. I thing I may have to research this further. And not just as an excuse to revisit the Marguerite Henry horse books of my childhood. I want to go trail riding now.


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