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Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's a bouncing baby sea lion!

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach got an unexpected bundle of joy on Memorial Day. That's his picture there. Is that not the cutest damn thing in the world? I mean, my GAWD. From the Aquarium's email (yep, I'm a member, thank you very much): It's a boy! The Aquarium of the Pacific is proud to announce the arrival of a new baby sea lion weighing in at 17 pounds. Born on Memorial Day, May 29, our new bouncing baby sea lion is doing well and is on public view next to the Seal and Sea Lion exhibit until June 11. After this date, the new baby and mom Kona will go behind the scenes in a special nursery area until next year. We expect the pup will be old enough to go back on exhibit with the other animals in early spring of 2007. Don't miss this rare chance to see face-to-face one of the ocean's cutest babies-on display now until June 11! The arrival of the pup was a pleasant surprise to staff. Kona, who is still 3 years away from average breeding age, did a wonderful job in hiding her pregnancy from staff. In nature, this is a normal instinct to protect the mom and baby during this vulnerable time. Despite being a very young first-time mother at age four, Kona is doing a great job nursing and caring for her new baby. We do not know who the father is, but it is either Miller, our large adult male, or Parker, our younger male who is the same age as Kona. For updates and new photos, please visit the News Section of our website. I love the part where they don't know who the father is. Kona, you little hussy. If you check out the full story you'll see that they are also going to have a contest to name the little guy. I haven't been to the Aquarium in a while. May have to go soon. Hmmm. I am so sending this to Cute Overload.


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