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Thursday, July 20, 2006

...and hilarity ensues...

Added the lovely LAPD Wife to my links today because, oh gosh, she has possibly the coolest banner EVAH (DO NOT CROSS, Smooch, LOL) and also because this post of hers brightened an otherwise dark, shitty, damn near unbearable day at the office. Especially this part: "Oh, did you know if you fry coffee grounds in a pan, it will get the smell of a dead body out your house?" Bwahahahahaha!!! The writer part of my brain is so filing that little tidbit away for future reference (especially the increasingly procedural-loving, pre-shark jump CSI wanna-be writer in me - can't you just see and hear weird/quirky/loner/non-employee banging Grissom blandly passing along that same advice as if it was nothing more eyebrow-raising than the Nestle's Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe? I know I can!) Good stuff. Seriously good stuff, and no it doesn't bother or worry me that my brain works this way. In fact I LOVE it! It keeps me going.


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