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Friday, July 07, 2006

Emmy blahs

So, the new rules designed to supposedly spread the love appear to have flopped spectacularly. The good: "South Park" was nominated for its Scientology-lambasting episode that had an animated Tom Cruise refusing to come out of a closet and an even more animated real-life Tom Cruise allegedly throwing a hissy fit in response. I would pay good money to hear the acceptance speech Matt and Trey would give if they were to win. The bad: No love for my much adored "Prison Break" nor for "Gilmore Girls", "Battlestar Galactica" or "Veronica Mars", shows which were supposed to have benefited from the new rules. No acting noms for "Scrubs" (Kevin James better/funnier than Zach Braff? WTF? And what the hell does John C. McGinley have to do to get some recognition? The man is freaking brilliant.) The ugly: "Will and Grace" and "The West Wing" continue to clutter things up with multiple nominations. This is a recording. Glad they won't be around next year. The weird: Kate Winslet, Patrick Stewart and Ben Stiller all picked up guest actor nominations for playing themselves. Should you be even be nominated for playing yourself? I mean, where's the challenge or accomplishment in that? Conspicuous in their absence: "Desperate Housewives" (so overexposed anyway) and "Lost". James Gandolfini and Edie Falco. "Prison Break" because I want to have babies with it. The "Scrubs" actors I just prattled on about a couple paragraphs up. I found the announcements kind of anti-climactic. I was really hoping the new nominating rules would shake things up. It's only an honor to be nominated if you're actually nominated. You can check out every last one of the nominations here. The Creative Arts Emmys will be awarded on August 19, followed by the Primetime Emmy ceremony on August 27. Pretty trophy in the picture is the trademark property of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


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