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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hot as hell

People, it's really incredibly freaking HOT here in the Southland. I know we're not the only ones getting slammed by the heat, but it scorched today and that gives me license to whine. Especially since I wilt easily. And since I wilt easily, I spent the day inside, with the AC on most of the time. I have to admit this: as much as I bitch about the little cave/apartment, it does stay relatively cool. I think that my only windows face east helps. The fact that I have the good sense not to live in either the San Fernando or San Gabriel Valleys helps too. I waited until after dark to go out, heading to the store at around 8:30. And it was warm, very warm. I also noticed, that as I headed and looked south, that the sky kept lighting up, flashing as if struck by lightning. As much as I liked that idea, I realized that it was probably searchlights at some celebrity hotspot. But no, because then I saw actual lightning strikes, a good half dozen of them before I went into the store. Seriously, I haven't seen lightning like that in years. We just don't get the good storms in Southern California anymore, just getting a few rumbles of thunder is a big deal these days, and by these days I mean it seems like years. But tonight, electricity was in the air and of course, as a card-carrying Southern Californian I couldn't help but think what all true Southern Californians think when the weather is really odd and it's been ten years plus since we had a major shaker. Earthquake weather.


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