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Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Living Doll" and the genius of Rod Serling

"I'm Talky Tina...and I'm going to kill you". This is an annual recording. The Twilight Zone marathon is running on The Sci-Fi Channel as I type this. Tune in now! Rod Serling was a true genius. My brother once referred to The Twilight Zone as "storytelling at its finest" and he was right on the money. Especially when his favorite "Time Enough At Last" airs. Burgess Meredith, my man! And then there was Talky Tina, easily the most immortal piece of plastic ever purchased or slapped together for a TV show. I wonder who kept her and who has her now. Erich (Telly Savalas): That doll said things no doll should say.. Heh. Rod Serling, the king of "what if?..." The is still much quality and immortal viewing to come. And I think "It's a Good Life" is up next. Good Lord. On edit: "It's a Good Life" followed by "Time Enough at Last". You must watch. You must.


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