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Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Tragic" doesn't even begin to describe it

Aquarium loses three sea lions. Bizarre coincidence? Stranger than fiction? A crying shame? Or just really, terribly sad. The Aquarium of the Pacific and its staff is deeply saddened and shocked to announce the loss of three of our sea lions: Roxy and Kona and her pup. The death of Roxy and Kona and her pup are unrelated, but occurred within 24 hours and have been extremely devastating for our staff. All of these animals will be deeply missed by our staff, members, and community. When I saw the email titled "Tragic News From the Aquarium of the Pacific" I figured it had something to do with the pup. But three? How the hell does that happen? Can you neuter male seals and sea lions? Because motherhood hasn't been very good to the females in that tank.


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