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Friday, August 11, 2006

The big move

So I've been hunting the net for advice on switching this blog over to Typepad and I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that there's no easy way of doing it. I don't want to copy the template because the template is what's giving me the yips. If I just copy and paste the template won't that just transfer my formatting problems from one host to another? Another cheerful prospect of how I'm going to spend my weekend is the realization that I can't export my posts to the new site. Blogger doesn't provide this option. So the irony is that with all this amazing technology, I may end up doing a crapload of copying and pasting in the next few days. It will probably be a work in progress for a while. But in the long run hopefully it will make blogging (which I love doing) a lot more enjoyable, flexible and stree-free. Also, from what I've seen, I'll just be able to do a lot more fun stuff with the blog on Typepad. Wish me luck!


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