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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Everything's coming up roses

Liz poked me with a stick (via comment/email) and as a result moving the format-afflicted blog to Typepad is now at the top of my weekend to-do list. I care about both the blog and my sanity too much to continue on like this. Not to mention this probably means no more of what I'm fond of referring to as "eyesore pink" and that can only be a good thing. Also, interesting career-change type stuff finally discussed this week and all systems appear to be go, eventually. Yeah, I know that might come across as ever so slightly cryptic, but it's good and makes me happy (and makes the office job bearable for the time being) and it has to be cryptic for now because I don't want to count any chicks before they are hatched. But at some point in the near future people who accidentally stumble across this blog may be spared from my online whining about my soul-killing office job du jour, number whatever in a lifelong series. Oh, and Season 1 of Prison Break? As of this afternoon, I own it. Have I mentioned lately that Wentworth Miller looks like my brother? They have the same nose. Life is good. For the moment, anyway.


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